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Home Life Room

Have you ever wondered what an early Gilbert home looked like? In our Home Life exhibit you can explore a fully furnished home from Gilbert’s past; take a look at a kitchen, living room and a bedroom and imagine how life was decades ago. It’s like looking through a window to the past.

See the furnishings they used, how families entertained themselves before wide-screen TVs, and how they cooked and cleaned...How would your family manage without the luxuries of today?

Live Quilting Bee

In the Home Life room, you’ll also find volunteers demonstrating their quilting skills. Anyone is welcome to come and join them; from the experienced quilter to the amateur who has never picked up a needle, they’ll teach you their skills. Our volunteers complete unfinished quilt tops for the public with all proceeds going to the museum. Find out more >>

Yes sir! Sorry sir!

When looking at the early kitchen display, make sure you stand up straight, no slouching! This used to be the Principal’s office when our museum building was still a school!

The Gilbert Historical Museum – A window to Gilbert’s past!

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Home Life Room

Quilting Bee